The fall hunting season for guests at Birch Point opens with the advent of bird season, October first each year. With the chill of fall, the vibrant and sharp color of the leaves, sky and scenery lends a welcome sharp contrast after our busy summer. The peace and tranquility of being in the woods make bird season a long standing favorite.

There are countless old logging roads, fields and trails to explore as one seeks out the elusive prey. Those that are fortunate enough to be drawn for a moose permit in the Maine Moose Lottery can find fellow lottery winners to share advice and stories. Our area close to the Point is in zone six and borders 2 other zones. This central location allows hunters access to a wide area depending on the zone in which your permit was drawn. If you are lucky enough to get a permit for our area or one of the border areas, give us a call, our cottages and campground are both open.

As November comes around so do the deer hunters. The Maine climate in AroostookCounty is conducive to some big bucks (boy they can be shy!) and good healthy deer. Again, with the “big woods” that surround us and offer cover, the many roads and fields where deer like to wander and bed down creates good hunting for our area. The ratio of deer per square mile may be low but many quality deer are here for the skillful, patient hunter!

With all that the fall season brings, a Maine hunting season at Birch Point is one you soon won’t forget!

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