ImageBirch Point is located on Pleasant Lake; the lake is 1,832 acres in area with a maximum depth of 63 feet. Surface Temperatures reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit; at 60 feet the water temperature can reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit.   Salmon, brook trout, smallmouth bass, and smelt can be found in Pleasant Lake. The salmon fishing is excellent, except when it isn’t!The lake’s outlet provides a good, but limited, spawning area for salmon and the lake has been stocked every year since 1954.Pleasant Lake is a classic northern Maine fishing lake.

The best open water fishing for salmon is after ice out, usually around May 5th through the month of June.Salmon is fished in the deeper waters in the morning and evening through July and August.Bass fishing is good from mid-May to the end of June but is fished all summer.

Winter fishing on Pleasant Lake is known throughout the state-mostly for its land lock salmon, but also for the stocked brook trout.The size and quality of the fish in Pleasant Lake has long been a standing topic of conversation.It’s not unheard of to catch a 3-5 pound salmon, 25 inches in length or a brook trout weighing 2-3 pounds and 18-20 inches long.Usually the best winter fishing is early January but February through Marchalso has good fishing.As the fishing season progresses, with longer winter days, milder temperatures, and good weather, just being out on the ice with friends and family makes the outing special.

Fishing boat rentals are available, as well as canoes, kayaks and paddleboats.Prices listed below:

Boat & Motor Canoe Paddle Boats Kayaks
$ 35.00 / hour $5.00 / hour $5.00 / hour $5.00 / hour
$ 150.00 / day $25.00 / day $25.00 / day $25.00 / day
$ 475.00 / week      

Our fishing boats are 14' and 16' boat rentals with 9 or 15 hp motors available for vacation and or fishing use on Pleasant Lake, Maine. The fee of $ 85.00 per day includes the fishing boat, motor and gas; we have a limited supply of life jackets, we suggest you bring your own.If you plan to rent a boat, calling is recommended to reserve a boat before your arrival.
Fish Shack Rentals - Rentals Based on 4 Hours

4 People $25.00
3 People $20.00
2 People  $18.00
1 Person  $15.00

State of Maine Fishing Site

Pleasant Pond info and map of lake

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